Coffee Talk: No Mixtape needed

We’re bringing Coffee Talk back. Don’t remember Coffee Talk? Well that’s probably because we only did like three of a few years ago (My bad). Anyway, it’s back and we’re trying something different. This time will have the etnire Unused Substitutes staff sound off with their quick thoughts following a match. Sometimes they’ll be insightful. Sometimes they’ll just be stuff we found amusing at the match or on the broadcast.

So let’s get into it.

Patrick Patterson (@Unsub_PhotoPat)

  • Leo Fernandes was on fire and always felt like he was involved in every scoring opportunity.
  • Despite the 2* allowed goals, Steel’s goalie John McCarthy was playing lights out. Seeing us overcome a great defensive performance is a promising sign.

Screenshots of the Night

Center Back Neill Collins keeping the Rowdies tradition alive and well…

Matt Cox (@UnSub_Matt)

  • Leo’s allowed goal was a sweet bit of footwork to create the chance, but it all starts when hunter Gorskie absolutely demolishes a Steel attacker with a textbook sliding tackle. Hunter walked away from it like it was an explosion in a movie too.
  • The standard flags and scarves in the Mob looked great, but the Hristov Day 2 pole is a fantastic addition. More of those, please!

Dan Endonino (@UnSub_Dan)

  • Georgi played last night with a chip on his shoulder. It was obvious from the get he was going to score in that game at least once.
  • Having an obvious goal not called this early in the season was a good test how these guys would react to adversity. Years past their frustration would get the best of them. Not so last night.

*Editor’s note: Dan is now a meme after the broadcast caught him taking in the celebration of the second goal of the night.

Jake Nutting on Twitter

One half of @UnusedSubsPod enjoying Leo Fernandes getting his deserved goal.

Mike Manganello on Twitter

@jakenutting @UnusedSubsPod @UnSub_Dan When your favorite soccer team scores a goal 🤣🤣

Jeff Hernden (@jeff_hernden)

  • May have been first home match jitters, but we were nearly 2-0 in the first ten minutes. Some bad giveaways put the defense under pressure. After two matches this season coming up big, it’s safe to say Mizell is absolutely the real deal and our confidence in him is a big part of why we are able to take more risks going forward.
  • Attacking threat looked great all night. But Dan is spot on. In seasons past frustration would have boiled over, especially after the horrific no goal call. Might have helped that it was so close to half time and gave the guys time to collect themselves. What we saw last night is that this team is confident. They’re a team. They believe in themselves. They’re able to fight through adversity.

Jake Nutting (@jakenutting)

  • David Najem is my under the radar MVP so far through two matches. His ability to switch the field effortlessly in near pinpoint accuracy is a game changer for the Rowdies this year. He’s unafradi to take guys on one-v-one and has a good shot at coming out on top most of the time because of his speed and technical ability. Three scoring chances created against Bethlehem. His creativity on the right prevents the Rowdies from becoming too one-sided with Marcel Schafer on the left.
  • This may seem ridiculous, but the new digital ad boards make the broadcast and look more legit. It’s probably just a conditioning thing from seeing digital boards every time I watch European soccer. Whatever the reason, the digital ads are another addition in a long list of investments from the front office that make Al Lang feel a little more soccer friendly.
Jake Nutting
Writer at Large for The Unused Substitutes and NASL Beat Writer for Empire of Soccer. Fullbacks are people too.