Author: Matthew Cox

Co-host of The Unused Substitutes podcast, web guy for TUS & NASLPulse, not a robot.

Episode 116: Time and Relative Dimensions in Soccer

The guys start out with their typical Wednesday episode, discussing the two matches that occurred since last week’s show, then leap forward in time to finish up on Thursday night… In tonight’s show: Rowdies 2:0 Louisville Rowdies 3:0 Armada U23 Eastern Conference results and standings 2nd Round USOC review, 3rd round matches set, 4 round […]

Episode 115: Better Late Than Never…Maybe

The guys talk about the snoozer in Ottawa, other results from the Eastern Conference, this weekend’s rematch with Louisville and next Tuesday’s Open Cup meeting with the Armada U-23s and then everything suddenly goes terribly wrong. In this episode: Ottawa 0:0 Rowdies USOC: Rowdies host Armada U23 Other USL results SNAFUBAR  

Episode 114: 87-13!

The guys talk about wins, on the field and off. Jake talks to Edwards Group president Rick Baker about the next steps for #MLS2StPete In tonight’s episode: Rowdies 1:0 Richmond Eastern Conference results USL news MLS2StPete 24,750:3,651 Tom Jones’ family and friends Rick Baker interview Thoughts on next steps Predictions for Rowdies/WhySoFurious  

Episode 113: Some Things Are Better Left Unseen

The guys dig into last weekend’s loss, deliver some newsbites from around the league, Jake chats with Alex Morrell, a Richmond preview, and the big MLS2StPete events coming up between now and next week’s show. In tonight’s episode: – Rowdies 2:3 Charleston – USL Newsbites – Alex Morrell interview – Richmond Preview – #MLS2StPete update […]

Episode 112: The Junk in Matt’s Trunk

The guys go live after the Chippynati game and discuss that result, the L in Louisville, and look forward to assaulting the Battery this weekend. In tonight’s show: – Louisville 2:1 Rowdies – FCC 1:1 Rowdies – Charleston Preview

Episode 111: #LoserNachos

Another week, another win – the guys take a look at last weekend’s victory, talk about other results and news from the USL, and chat about the upcoming Louisville City match with Taylor Sorrels from The Coopers. In tonight’s episode: Rowdies 1:0 Ottawa Louisville City FC w/Taylor Sorrels Other Eastern Conference news Rowdies & USL […]