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Auld on What Rays’ Split-Season Proposal Could Mean for Rowdies

by JAKE NUTTING There was no shortage of reactions from yesterday’s press conference in which the Tampa Bay Rays made their case for splitting future Major League Baseball seasons between Tampa Bay and Montreal. Rowdies fans entered the conversation when it came to principal owner Stuart Sternberg’s comment that the Rowdies and Rays sharing a […]

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Rays’ Split-Season Proposal Raises Questions for Rowdies Fans

by MIKE PENDLETON and JAKE NUTTING UPDATE:Rays President and Rowdies Vice Chairman Brian Auld spoke with Unused Substitutes about the Ray’s proposal may or may not mean for the Rowdies. Read the interview here. What do we know? Well, not much…or at least not what we most want to know. With the Rays/Montreal press conference […]